IV certification class
Life/Wellness Coaching
  • - Build your own coaching practice
  • - Help others reach their goals
  • - Useful resources provided
  • - Marketing handouts/forms to get started
  • - FL Board of Nursing Certified
  • - ALWAYS Stress Free and Fun
Life/Wellness coaching certification
I.V. Certification
  • - Learn at our Facility or we come to you
  • - 30 Hours of continuing education credit
  • - Hands-on practice with our manikins
  • - Appropriate for both RN's and LPN's
  • - Includes Central Line care
  • - Learning has never been so fun!
Phlebotomy training
Basic EKG
  • - Recommended before taking ACLS
  • - 12 Hours of Continuing Education Credit
  • - Conquer EKG anxiety
  • - Nurses and Allied health professionals
  • - For students in Health Occupations
  • - ALWAYS Stress Free and fun
EKG Classes
  • - American Heart Association approved
  • - 16 Hours of continuing education credit
  • - Management of Cardiac arrest conditions
  • - Advanced airway management
  • - Use of cardiac drugs
  • - Nurses, EMTs, Respiratory Therapists
Phlebotomy Certification
Phlebotomy Certification
  • - Phlebotomy role in healthcare
  • - 16 Hours of Continuing Education credit
  • - Pediatric venipuncture
  • - Anatomy and Physiology
  • - OSHA’s needle stick injury precautions
  • - Modern phlebotomy training devices


Quick News:

  • FL Board of Nursing Approved

    Orlando CEU classes

    Avalon Medical Educators is proudly approved by The Florida Board of Nursing to provide primary and continuing education credits for 14 classes. I.V Certification, Phlebotomy, Life/Wellness Coaching Certification and both Basic and 12-Lead EKG Training are among our most popular. Avalon Medical Educators primary mission is to provide quality medical training using cutting edge audio-visual technology, including Power Point presentations, computerized interactive scenarios and state of the art training equipment. Upon completion of our courses your credits will be reported to CE Brokers for your convenience.

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  • Learning has never been so FUN

    Orlando Phlebotomy training

    We believe and have learned over the years that a relaxing, stress free environment is more conducive to quality learning. Classes can be difficult to get through if the proper atmosphere and attitude is not maintained. We learn, we earn our credits and at the same time we actually find a way to have fun! Why stress when we can accomplish even more in an informal, comfortable setting? There really is no need to be rigid when we are either learning new skills or re-enforcing what we already know. Our classes have become a source for meeting other medical professionals and networking as you get to know each other during the learning process.


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  • Conveniently located in Orlando Florida

    IV therapy

    Avalon offers the option of coming to our facility centrally located in the Orlando, Florida area or you are welcome to organize a class of your friends or fellow students and we will gladly bring the class to you! What better way to learn? In your environment or ours! We have always believed in offering options and that has set us apart from the competition. Our goal is to educate you in a way that is effective, convenient, relaxed, interesting and always fun! Contact us to learn more about our many options to further your education. We look forward to providing for all of your educational needs. Many of our students come back to take our other classes due to our convenience.


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Featured Classes

Life/Wellness Coaching Certification Course

You can make a great living while helping others reach their goals! If you have been interested in building a successful coaching practice…yet, not sure what to do next? YOU have come to the right place! Allow us to take you through our three-day certification course providing you with the tools needed for a rewarding career in Wellness/Life Coaching.

I.V. Certification and Phlebotomy Certification

These are always two of our most popular courses. They can be taken together or combined for a special rate. Let us know if you need more information about how we can bring these classes to your group.

12-Lead EKG Course

This class is highly recommended for RN’s and LPN’s employed in Telemetry, PCU step down units, CCU, ICU and the ER; also Paramedics and EMT’s, Respiratory therapists and exercise physiologists.

The 12-lead EKG course is the natural progression from the Basic EKG course. The purpose of this course is to provide healthcare professionals with a step by step approach to 12-lead interpretation.